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  About  Patricia galliford

     Hello there! Glad you are here to check out my site. Heres just a few little details about my background. Before coming to British Columbia, I grew up in a small country village of Churchville, Ontario. Our home was located against the edge of the woods along the Credit river. My father was a carpenter, volunteer fireman, watercolour artist and my Mother was a homemaker & caregiver to a family of five children, a bookkeeper, seamstress and created beautiful needleworks. As a young child I loved all the nature. Birds, racoons, squirrels, rabbits and we also had many family pets. I enjoyed running around in bare feet, picking raspberries, building tree forts, catching crayfish, fishing and swimming in the river. When I was young, I explored with different mediums only to find a love for oil painting. No doubt, I have always loved creating art and I pretty much taught my self a lot about art , but I would like to give special credit to some of my artist hero’s that have inspired me and taught me some of the artists ways...Robert Bateman, Bob Ross, John Singer Sargent, Emily Carr, Brian Simmons, Van Gogh, and most recently Andrew Tischler on Patreon online.


    I moved to the West Coast Vancouver Island, BC in 1991 and found work here where I could apply my talents as a graphic artist in the sign industry and enjoyed that profession for 30 years. I lived on a boat on the ocean in Brentwood Bay for many years, and now reside in the countryside & mountains of Lake Cowichan, British Columbia. The combination of the beautiful surrounding nature, pristine lake views and mountains fuel my passion for creating art.

You can see my love for the nature and landscapes in my work. Enjoy :)

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